I am a well-known dynamic speaker. My down-to-earth style makes complicated topics accessible to all kinds of learners. I am passionate about food, farming, and biological agriculture and convey that energy through my presentations. Audiences enjoy the stories and vast farming experience I share in my talks.


Workshop Topics

One to Two Hour Presentations

Soils 101 for Growers

Production for Profit: Soil Management, Fertility and Rotations

Farm Scale Composting

How Do You Compare? Using Benchmarks to Measure Your Farms Success

Farm Marketing – Finding Your Place in The Market

Making Your CSA Thrive in Increasingly Competitive Times

Coaxing More Profit from Your Farm: Just Because It Sells Doesn’t Mean it’s Profitable!

Where the Money Gets Spent – How to Manage Labor for Profit and Pleasure

Increasing Efficiency Using Lean Techniques

Real Life Business Decisions to Increase Profits


Multi Hour Workshops

Advanced Organic Vegetable Production (one day intensive)

Profits: How to Work Towards More

The 5 Rules for Soil Health – Diving into Soils: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Pulling it all Together


Multi Day Workshops

Growing Farm Profits – Whole Farm Profit Management

Advanced Organic Vegetable Production

Past Venues

Acres USA

MOSES – Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service

Oregon Tilth Conference

Virginia Association for Biological Farming

Mid Ohio Growers Meeting

University of NH Extension

Allegheny Mountain Institute

Tricycle Gardens Urban Agriculture Fellowship Program

Future Harvest : Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

Tennessee Organic Growers Association

Oklahoma-Arkansas Horticulture Show

OLLI – Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at GMU

Past Events

May 31, 2017  Soils Course for Growers, Full Day Intensive, Allegheny Mountain Institute, VA

March 28, 2017  Introduction to Veggie Compass and Farm Profitability – Half Day Course, Tricycle Gardens, Richmond, VA

February 25, 2017  Farm Scale Composting, MOSES Conference, La Crosse, WI

February 23, 2017 Practical Route to Healthy Soils and Better Crops, Organic University, with Gary Zimmer, MOSES Conference, La Crosse, WI

February 6 and 7, 2017The Business of Labor, Portsmith and Lebanon, NH

January 16, 2017Farming for Profit – Getting your soils right to make money, Cleveland, OH

January 9, 2017  Full Day Soils Intensive, VABF Conference, Hot Springs, Virginia

January 10-11, 2017, Using Labor Wisely, VABF Conference workshop sessions, Hot Springs, Virginia

November 16 and 17, 2016, full day training for agricultural service providers on Growing Farm Profits, San Antonio and Edinburg Texas

January 30, 2016Does Equipment Pay? with John Hendrickson, and Growing Fall Transplanted BrassicasSSAWG Annual Conference, Lexington, KY

January 27, 2016Veggie Compass Training (full day) with Jim Munsch, SSAWG Annual Conference, Lexington, KY


 January 7, 2016, Getting More from your Labor, North American Strawberry Growers Conference, Savannah, GA

December 3, 2015Making Soil Health Come First – Building Your Ground While Staying Profitable in the Vegetable Business, Virginia Farm to Table Conference

November 8, 2015Coaxing More Profit from Your Farm: Just Because It Sells Doesn’t Mean it’s Profitable!, CFSA Annual Conference, Durham, NC

November 6, 2015, Using the Veggie CompassCFSA Annual Conference Pre-Conference Intensive (9am-3pm), Durham, NC

October 29, 2015Is Your Gut Instinct Costing You Money?, Local Food Hub, Charlottesville, VA

February 9, 2015, Soil Fertility for Sustainable Vegetable Production, Farm to Table Conference for Midsouth Producers, Memphis, Tennessee

February 21, 2015, Growing Farm Profits, day and a half training, Jackson, Mississippi, 

February 23 & 24, Growing Farm Profits, Day and a half training, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

February 28, 2015,  Oregon Small Farms ConferenceFarm Profitability 1: Discovering Where The Profits Are On Your Farm (And Where They Are Not)

January 17, 2014, Basic Soil Improvement Techniques for Sustainable Farmers , SSAWG Conference, Mobile, Alabama

January 14-15, 2015, Growing Farm Profits Short Course, SSAWG Conference, Mobile, Alabama

December 4, 2014, A Fresh Look at Understanding Soil, ACRES Conference, Columbus, Ohio, cd available here  

December 5, 2014, Managing Your Farm for Profitability, ACRES Conference, Columbus, Ohio, cd available here

October 21, 2014    Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers Annual Conference, Newark, Delaware, Ummm, Growing Flowers is Still Farming!    ASCFG Conference  

July 10, 2014  Pest Management Workshop, organized by the Local Food Hub, held at Bellair Farm in Albemarle County, VA.

January 18, 2014, SSAWG Conference, Mobile, Alabama, What You Don’t Know About Labor May be Costing You,

January 30, 2014, Managing Your Farm for Profits, Virginia Biological Farming Conference, Richmond, Virginia

February 1, 2014, Growing Farm Profits Workshop, Community Farm Alliance, Lexington, KY, http://communityfarmalliance.org/young-and-beginning-farmers/growing-farm-profits-conference/

February 21, 2014, Georgia Organics Conference, Jeckyl Island, GA,  Profits & Enterprise Budgets: How to Work Towards More, http://conference.georgiaorganics.org/in-depth-workshops/