I am a farm coach.

Many growers, both beginners and those with experience, find they need help getting perspective on their farm businesses. Using email, phone and sometimes site visits, I can be the sounding board you need to evaluate new opportunities in markets, consider capital improvements, and to implement improved soil fertility and management techniques. This work we will do together helps you make progress towards a more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable farm business.

My approach is matter-of-fact, down to earth, and frankly, pretty fun. Here are some areas where I have a lot of personal and consulting experience:

  • labor management and leadership
  • profitability, record keeping, crop costing
  • Market Farm Vegetable production techniques and practices, especially rotation and organic matter management
  • Soils consulting = I can help you understand your soil tests and work with you to address mineral deficiencies and excesses. We will talk over: the source and use of compost, different fertilizer options and amounts, how to get more cover crops in the rotation.
  • Farm finances and bookkeeping. I work with growers to clean up their books, re-arrange their Chart of Accounts so that the Profit and Loss statement actually means something, and train farmers on how to keep Quickbooks correctly and easily. With a shiny fresh P&L, we can begin to make more informed projections about how different production and marketing changes will affect your bottom line.


While many growers are not used to paying for consulting, I find that those who partake start reaping rewards as soon as they decide to work with me. Just the act of taking specific time out of the week to concentrate on your business from a overview perspective will help you see new areas of opportunity as well as new ways to alleviate dysfunction. Developing a coaching relationship is an investment in your farms future.

As of November 2022, I can no longer accommodate new soil fertility customers. My plate is full. If you want help with bigger picture farm management, profitability, or Quickbooks work, then please book a free 15 minute appointment here so we can talk about your project.

My rate is $100 per hour.