Let me help you make the best use of your time and talents on your farm.

I help growers with specific problems in production, marketing, labor and farm management. I will help you identify what factors are limiting the farms success. I am known to be matter-of-fact in approach and easy to talk to. I can work with you on yield, business management, and labor management, all while maintaining the goals of sustainability and profitability.

I am a farm coach. Many growers, both beginners and those with experience, find they need help getting perspective on their farm businesses. Using email, phone and site visits, I can be the sounding board you need to evaluate new opportunities in markets, consider capital improvements, and to implement improved soil fertility and management techniques. All of this analysis helps you work towards a more profitable and enjoyable farm business.

While many growers are not used to paying for consulting, my experience is that those who take the plunge find the process incredibly valuable.

I work by the hour at the rate of $75 per. Packages are available at a discount:

4 hr package = $275
8 hr package = $525
Let me help you with your farm.