What is a Mastermind anyway? It’s a group of peers, usually entrepreneurs in the same industry, that gather to help each other solve problems, share successes and generally push all further towards their goals.

I held the first Mastermind even in Nov of 2019 at my house, the second was during covid in 2020 and was online, and the 3rd was Dec 2022 held at Zigbone Retreat Center. These are two day events.

The results have been amazing. Growers are stunned by the power of a small group of seasoned professionals thinking together about different topics. We continue to meet monthly via zoom to maintain the momentum and connection.

The next Mastermind will be in December of 2023. Exact date and time to be determined. It will be in Maryland most likely. It will be live and in person. If you already know you want IN, just shoot me an email….. ellen@planttoprofit.com.

Photos from the November 2019 Mastermind, yep it was in person, but we’ll have to do our best to connect virtually! It’s better than nothin’.